Starting Hang Gliding: Fly Like an Eagle

Produced by Paul Hamilton of Adventure Videos, Available in NTSC and PAL versions
Learn what hang gliding is all about! See how easy it is to learn to hang glide. If you have ever dreamt of flying, hang gliding can help you realize your dreams. Shows modern hang gliding and the many ways to enter the air: tandem discovery flights, aerotowing, vehicle towing and the training hill.

This video covers first lessons on the beginner hill, tandem instruction at higher altitude and flight simulators. The viewer will discover what to expect when first learning the sport. Expert pilots and instructors also demonstrate what hang gliding is about at higher skill-levels. Spectacular in-air footage and great soundtrack. A fantastic overview of hang gliding.

Starting Hang Gliding: Fly Like an Eagle – $29.95 (30 min.)